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I learned this craft during high school when we used to make scrap books and decors for our projects, and I tried creating more for my room because I’m starting to revamp it. Now it takes a lot of patience creating a perfect shape, but it’s all worth it after finishing all the colors.

I love how the colors put life to a dull space in my room, so I want to share this simple DIY tutorial with you.

What you need:

  1. Construction/Colored paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Ruler
  4. Pencil
  5. Glass Jar (this one is optional; you can have mayonaise jars washed if you want to keep it or make it as a decoration on your side table)


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How to make your guy stay in the relationship

(Photo courtesy: WeHeartIt)

As much as we, ladies, wanted our love story to be like of those in the fairy tales where we have our very own knights-in-shining armor saving us from all the danger, giving all those royal treatments making us feel we’re princesses, guys also need to feel how it’s like to feel being a prince in our own princess ways.
Just so you know, ladies, there are lots of simple things that a guy will ever be thankful for. One of which is by having you in his life, and more often than not, guys seek more sweet moments rather than just having sex and whatever you think that a guy only needs in his life. He may occasionally forget your anniversary or what special day it is, but at the end of the day, guys also have those moments when they think about you at night, wishing you were there.
Guys, in nature, are like girls who have their weaknesses but they really doesn’t make it visibile to everyone. As much as possible, they don’t want to show a mark on what makes them giggle or blush, or what makes them happy so people won’t call them gay. No matter how guys look strong like superman, just like every human in the world, guys also have their kryptonite.
So how do you make your guy stay in your relationship?


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#BDJ Unstoppable: Embrace the power you have from within

Last weekend was a full blast. Right after watching  Once a Princess with my co-EnchongDeeWorld fans, I attended this event. So this was the last BDJ Rendezvous for the year 2014, but I’m so happy to know that there are still other events to be conducted by Belle de Jour on the following months.

Anyways, I got an invite from the BDJ Team to be a part of their last BDJ Rendezvous of the year. This was the first one I attended, but definitely not the last. This even’t theme is #BDJUnstoppable: Embrace the power you have from within. 

Here’s the event poster:


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When you fall in love..


Photo Courtesy: WeHeartIt

You don’t just fall in love with their good qualities and extraordinary features. You also fall in love with their flaws, such as how they bite their nails, how they look like when they laugh, or when they’re mad, or jealous at the little things. You fall in love with the way they roll their eyes when you do something that bothers them. You fall in love with the sleepless nights and the bad fights. When you fall in love, you fall in love with the way their face lights up when you say the right things. You fall in love with how they position their body as they sleep and the way they inhale or exhale. When you fall in love, you fall in love with the scent they leave on your clothes and how it lingers through your room when they’re not around. You fall in love with the way they hold your hand and how softly they caress you. Falling in love is something you cannot take for granted. It takes hard work, and I believe that when you truly find that one special person, you will do anything to get through and be with them. Even if it means going through hell and back.


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"Once a Princess" block screening with EnchongDeeWorld



Once a Princess is a movie adaptation of Angel Bautista’s Precious Hearts Romances novel, and is directed by Laurice Guillen under ABS-CBN Productions. The story revolves with the love triangle of Erin Almeda (Erich Gonzales), Leonard Jamieson (Enchong Dee), and Damian Albert (JC De Vera). It began with Leonard, the nerdy transfer student on Gibson International School having his fisrt sight on Campus Princess Erin Almeda on the Campus Princess night. He then started falling for her as days go by, but ended up having his heart broken by her when Erin choses Damian over him. Fast forward to six years after, they had a twisted fate. Leonard has changed but still, he wanted to win back Erin’s heart. You think he will?

Well, you better watch the movie to find out! :)


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