❤ Be a Sophie Paris Dealer and get 30% outright discount

"Make your own fashion, create your own business" 

I have been a Sophie Paris dealer since 2009 and that’s five years as of writing and I have been enjoying so much benefits, especially the 30% outright discount on all purchases made in the head office.

In Sophie Paris, you can have a branded item and get 30% discount, plus, rebates!

Isn’t that amazing?

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❤ Review: Etude House I Need You, Pomegranate! Mask Sheet


I’ve been using this Pomegranate mask sheet for almost two years now. I first tried this on 2012, and I love the moisturizing effect it brings on my face. Actually, there are other mask sheets available at Etude House that I have also tried, but this one is my favorite.

I am mesmerized by the cuteness of all Etude House boutiques because of its pastel pink theme, that is why I love strolling inside and looking for products that I can review. Actually, they changed packaging already, but it’s nicer than the packaging before.

I love taking care of my skin, especially my acne prone face skin, that is why I’ve been trying several products just to make my skin look nicer and fairer.

So before I proceed to the review, here are some benefits of Pomegranate to the skin:

  • It helps to hydrate dry skin
  • It combats inflammation from acne breakouts
  • It protects the skin against the sun and environment
  • It stimulates collagen production 

Anyways, let’s start the review:

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❤ BDJ Box Beauty Social: Camp Gorgeous Experience


I’m getting hooked with all the BDJ Box events eversince I registered.Well, I know this is a late post, as in very late like two weeks, but I want to share with you the wonderful experience.

When: September 14, 2014

Where: SM North EDSA Skydome

I took really bad photos that day since it’s a very gloomy weather, so I just borrowed some photos from BDJ Box fanpage. (Photo courtesy: BDJ Box)


So the event was hosted by Monster Radio RX 93.1 DJ Karen Bordador. Isn’t she pretty?

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❤ Why water makes you smarter?

Water makes you even brainier

Students who sipped water during an exam scored better during an exam scored better than those who didn’t, a study found. Dehydration can elevate levels of stress hormone. Plus, drinking water improves concentration.

 It helps you exercise harder

Drinking ice cold water before a work out can help you last longer, according to a review Pre-cooling your body wards off heat-induced fatigue and increases tolerance for steamy conditions.

It makes your metabolism whir

People who drink only 32 ounces of water a day burn fever calories than folks who drink the right amount, according to study. Hydrated cells function more efficiently.

It keeps your skin looking gorge

Hydrated cells are better at balancing oil production says Howard Murad, MD, author of The Water Secret. o skin looks smoother, fresher, and less puffy.

Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine September 2014 issue, p.178.


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❤ Unboxing: September 2014 BDJ Box Beauty Innovations

I’m very happy that my box arrived before I saw some unboxing posts on Instagram, so the element of surprise heighten. When I was about to go to workyesterday, Xend’s rider arrived in our house to deliver this package. And tadaaaa! It’s another big box like the July BDJ Box. I’m very much excited to unbox, because this box is really heavy that it will make you wonder what’s inside.

If you have read my unboxing posts for the July BDJ Box , I stated there that the box is as big as the Elite Box. Anyways, I’m having second thoughts if I should be happy or not, but when I opened the box, OH-MY-GEE!

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